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The Affordable toilet lift that effortlessly rises & lowers when taking care of business.

With a simple push of a button, the new, innovative LooLift will gently lift and recline you to a comfortable position, making it easier and safer for you to use the toilet.

From only £699*

*Recommended Retail Price

How it Works

LooLift sits over the existing WC – as it is height adjustable the user can set up the lift to the desired height, while finer adjustments can be made using the adjustable feet.

Then simply plug in the rechargeable battery and the LooLift is ready to use, simply press up to raise, and down to lower – the lift will gradually move the user into a near-standing position or down to the sitting position in under 30 seconds.

The LooLift doesn’t use electricity just a battery which will last for 26 lifts before it needs recharging and a warning light will illuminate when it is time to charge the battery.

Our product designers created the LooLift to be able to fit into the smallest of spaces therefore minimal space is needed. Width 560mm | Depth 540mm.

The supportive arms do lift away for ease of access, and with a capacity of 170kg the LooLift is strong, versatile and durable.

The team behind LooLift have been working in the industry for over thirty years and has successfully developed & produced lift mechanisms for the furniture industry & bath lifts with tens of thousands of products in use across two continents. The LooLift has been life-tested with over ten thousand cycles with a maximum load & is CE-marked.

The LooLift comes securely boxed and can be put together in minutes with the tools provided and it is ready for use. Certain companies will offer a full installation service.

An ever-increasing number of internet mobility specialists & retail outlets stock the LooLift. Please email us via the form and we will put you in touch with a supplier.







Those that need a LooLift

  1. Limited Mobility: If you have limited mobility or struggle with sitting and rising when using the toilet, a LooLift can provide the support one needs to make this task easier and safer.
  2. Chronic Pain or Arthritis: Those that you suffer from conditions such as arthritis or back pain, the act of using the toilet can be painful and difficult. A LooLift can help to reduce stress on ones joints and alleviate discomfort.
  3. Bathroom Safety Concerns: Those that are concerned about falling or slipping in the bathroom, a LooLift can help to provide added stability and security when using the toilet. Whether one lives alone or has a loved one who is at risk of falls, a LooLift can provide peace of mind and improve one’s overall safety in the bathroom.

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